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Building a Flat Pack Panel Home Future

Better built, and more cost-effective than traditional bricks and mortar...

Building Is What We Do

PIP BUILD Is Leading Quality Panel Home Projects

Residential: Houses & NDIS SDA

Prefab or modular homes have faced criticism for limitations on appearance & customisation, where the buildings “look” inside or outside is less appealing than conventional construction.

Now there is a new way of building using Panelok’s building system which is making waves as a superior product to conventional construction, without the typical limitations on appearance or customisation of modular or prefabricated systems.

With the PIP Build using Panelok's panel system, you can enjoy the many benefits of speed and superior quality without the typically associated constraints on the design and finish of previous methods.

We build any type of home you need - Got land, a huge backyard or empty outdoor space? We can custom-design a panel home for you.


PIP Build Panel Home Designs - Anstead.png
PIP Build Granny Flats Panel Home.png

Granny Flats

Interior View 2.png

Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular and Panelok is the perfect solution. 

So quick and easy to install and come with all the benefits of the Panelok building system.

You will be amazed how fast you could be moved in.

Send us your design pricing today.  If you’re looking to make the most of your backyard, increase your living space or even earn a rental income, don’t compromise on quality.

PIP Build Granny Flats is the right choice for a safe, economical and beautiful ancillary dwelling, and given the close proximity of granny flats to other dwellings, the enhanced acoustics of the Panelok system will ensure superior peace and privacy.


PIP Build Sheds and Pavilions Panel.png

Sheds, Patios & Pavilions

PIP Build Sheds and Pavilions Panel.png

There are tens of thousands of new sheds, patios, and pavilions built every year in Australia. However, these sheds are not insulated and can be very hot in summer, limiting their use for a family.

Many new estates have covenants on buildings, limiting the use of Colorbond for sheds or requiring them to be of masonry construction or render finish – Panelok is the solution.

Our shed, patio, and pavilion are fully insulated and energy efficient and can finished externally be to match the home at significantly less cost than a masonry shed.


The family can use it for entertaining or a teenage retreat, and designed with the future in mind it’s easy to fit out as a granny flat later (STCA).


PIP Build Balmoral Enscape_edited.jpg
PIP Build Balmoral Enscape_edited.jpg

Custom Built Panel Homes for:

Owner-builders & Owner-occupiers?

We do it all...

PIP Build Balmoral Enscape_edited.jpg

Owner Builders and Occupiers: 
Less Risk – More Confidence 

The most significant risk to owner builders is getting all the structural elements of the building engineer designed, supplied and installed correctly to lock up stage; being where the building has its roof on, external doors and windows in, all internal and external walls sheeted and ready for painting or external render; and otherwise,  weatherproof.


This is where expensive mistakes take place, and unscrupulous subcontractors or suppliers can take advantage of the novice owner-builder.


The risk to the project from there is diminished, as relatively unskilled consumers with basic understanding can engage subcontract trades to do the finishing tasks; or otherwise approach those finishing tasks themselves with confidence. 

Owner-occupiers can bring their plans to us or pick from the huge range of designer homes and we can deliver aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective panel homes in a shorter time than a traditional build.

Who We Are

About Us

PIP Build is the construction company component of

Positive Income Properties and we specialise in Flat Pack panel homes using the Panelok system.


We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing solutions to our customers. We are committed to using cutting-edge technology and sustainable building practices to build both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing homes.


Year of Establishment


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Business Partners across Australia

Our Services

We provide the full service to complete a flat pack panel home.

Engineer's Drawings & Certifications

Construction Drawings

Constrtuction Manual and Standards

PIP Build Home Pack Panel System

What We do

Our Panels

Our PIP Build flat pack panel homes use the Panelok building system & technology. It is one of the most advanced building systems available in the market today.


The flat pack homes are constructed with panels made with layers of high-strength steel, bamboo and fibre cement with a foam core for great strength and high-performance insulation. This ensures that the homes are both durable and energy efficient.

These panels are 100% Australian-made to ensure quality and standard.

PIP Build Panel Build Pool Patios.png


Join the most innovative and time-saving building system available. 

Save time and money while delivering better energy efficiency, sustainability and green, and strong millimetre-accurate buildings.

Call or email us to find more information and arrange a visit to headquarters in SE Queensland.

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