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The Flat Pack Panel Home System & Inclusions

PIP Build has recently joined Master Builders Queensland in an effort to provide master builders with the revolutionary Panelok building system & technology. This system & technology is said to revolutionize the building process, making it faster and more cost-effective.


With the PIP Build Panels using the Panelok system & technology, builders will be able to construct homes in less time than it would normally take and at a noticeable reduction in cost. The promise is that it will dramatically reduce the amount of time and money spent on building a home, making it more accessible to people everywhere.

Our PIP Build Flat Pack Panel Homes includes everything required for the construction of the entire shell of your home or project to lockup stage, on either a concrete slab or platform floor.

The panels are 100% Australian-made to ensure quality and standard.

Engineer's Drawings & Certifications

PIP Build Panel Engineers Drawings and Certification are provided specific to each building project and as required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the National Construction Code (NCC).

These drawings are done by independent engineers and include the engineers’ designs for footings, concrete slab (or Panelok prefabricated steel platform floor)  and all structural elements of the building. These independent engineers’ drawings are required by Building Certifiers for the Building Application process and later by the builder for construction

Construction work planning
House Plan

Construction Drawings

PIP Build Construction Drawings are specific to each project design and include very detailed assembly drawings for ease of construction by all trades on site.

We also provides drawings in a CAD 3D model format for use on any mobile device and allow the user to view the building components in exploded detail.

  • Detailed plan for surveyor – set out for: –Concrete Slab, or

    • Panelok engineered steel floor system (bearers / joists layout and bracing)

    • Detailed bottom plate plan

  • Detailed plans for panel layout of each ground floor walls including 2D images of each wall.

  • Detailed plans of the first-floor timber bearer / joist installation

  • Detailed bottom plate plan for first floor walls.

  • Detailed plans for panel layout of each first-floor wall including 2D images of each wall

  • 3D models of the entire house can be uploaded to any mobile device – plans can be exploded to expose minute detail, and

  • Roof plans.

Constrtuction Manual and Standards

Showing in standard/typical detail all the PIP Build Flat Pack Panel Home prefabricated components and how they all fit seamlessly together.

PIP Build Buccan Panel Home Design.png

PIP Build Flat Pack Panel Home

We provide all materials for the “shell” of the home to lock-up stage, which generally include our prefabricated steel floor system, all PIP Build Panel internal and external walls, roof trusses, battens,  colourbond roof sheeting and facia and gutter, roof insulation over battens and ceiling bats to ceilings, windows and sliding glass doors.


We call this the PIP Build Flat Pack Panel - Home Pack.

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